Marc Harrison is a former U.S. Air Force veteran that served his country 10 years, during the Persian Gulf War.

He served in military intelligence and reconnaissance.

He comes from a family of patriots that has served their country, with his father retiring 21 years from the U.S. Army and both  brothers serving extended tours in the U.S. Army as well. 

Marc Harrison later worked in the telecom and telecommunications industry for 20+ years, as national business executive and area business director for Verizon and Sprint, across 5 states of responsibility. 

His business acumen, business contacts and professional sales skills led him into several successful business ventures, along with him becoming a licensed insurance agency owner for a number of years.

He is a partner and creator of an independent insurance agency, in a joint venture with accounting firm in Arkansas.

Mr. Harrison also works a consultant for a national investment real estate  company.

During this trying time in America’s history and global pandemic,

Mr. Harrison has partnered with Kay Vang-Thao, to co-create, available and affordable PPE products.   

Mr. Harrison and Mrs. Vang-Thao determined they could participate in serving our essential workers, medical professionals, first responders and every day Americans for much needed PPE products, by securing agreements directly with PPE manufacturers nationally and internationally.